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It’s never easy ensuring staff rosters meet the demands of busy hospitals.

Our highly experienced and dedicated nurses are on hand to provide care and support wherever it is needed in a variety of hospitals. With our knowledge of the healthcare industry and the associated budgetary constraints in this sector, we can offer competitive rates whilst maintaining quality service and providing quality staff, ideally suited and appropriately skilled for your individual needs.

We offer:

  • Provision of carers and nurses on an adhoc or emergency basis to cover shortfalls/holiday periods/maternity cover.
  • Provision of carers and nurses through an ongoing serviced agreement.
  • Full and co-managed staffing solutions where we can take the headache out of managing all of your staffing requirements.

We currently work in a number of hospitals throughout Ireland, providing specialised care in acute and community settings. Talk to us about your staffing requirements and we will commit to working with you to provide individual and seamless care packages appropriate to your facilities.

We have a supply of fully trained carers together with Registered General, Children’s, Pshychiatric and Intellectual Disability nurses who are fully compliant in patient manual handling, cpr and infection control. We have an excellent reputation in providing short notice and emergency solutions and in our ability to recruit and retain the very best of care professionals.

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Most patients when admitted to hospital or any residential facility look forward to returning to their own home to recuperate in the place where they feel most relaxed and comfortable. We provide care for client’s on discharge from hospitals and residential facilities to help transition them into their own homes and we will design tailor made care plans to give them the professional, quality after care they deserve. For some, this may be for a short period while for others we are pleased to provide care on a long term basis.

Our Client Care Nursing Managers liaise with hospital staff and community resources prior to discharge to provide you with the very best quality care plans, taking into account factors such as family supports, personal resources available, location and all specialised care requirements. We ensure that our care plans are client-centric and we look to the holistic well being of each person, taking into account their social, emotional and spiritual environment.

Call us now on +353 1 833 8000 or 01 8338000 to find out more about our services or to speak to one of our dedicated Client Care Nurse Managers who are on hand to work with you towards developing a unique and individualised care plan, tailored to manage your requirements.



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