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Palliative Care

Life is a journey and the final weeks in someones life can be extremely challenging and emotionally stressful for the individual, their family members and friends. Palliative care focuses on alleviating pain, providing as peaceful and dignified an environment as possible and addressing the physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual needs of all concerned.

Our team of palliative carers and nurses will treat you with sensitivity and gentleness, facilitating as much comfort as possible at a difficult time. They are trained to assist with physical comfort needs, maintain dignity and hygiene, alleviate the workload of family and help preserve as much independence and individuality for the client as possible during the precious time remaining, while offering a support system to help significant others cope with bereavement.

Palliative care, when delivered well, integrates spiritual and psychological aspects of care, offers a support system to help significant others cope with their bereavement and uses a team approach to address the individual needs of the patient. At Communicare, we provide you with the best of competence and kindness during this most significant time.

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Call us now +353 1 833 8000 or 01 8338000

Call us now on +353 1 833 8000 or 01 8338000 to find out more about our services or to speak to one of our dedicated Client Care Nurse Managers who are on hand to work with you towards developing a unique and individualised care plan, tailored to manage your requirements.



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