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Tips for keeping warm in the colder months

October 27, 2015

Tips for keeping warm in the colder months

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder and with reports that Ireland could be looking forward to its longest winter in 50 years it is becoming increasingly important for our older citizens to keep warm through-out those long winter months.
A report in the Independent regarding the increase of winter deaths among the elderly stated that:

’Very cold temperatures can cause various physiological effects on the body which can lead to death in vulnerable people. A colder home temperature can lead to an increase in blood pressure. It can also lower the immune system’s resistance to respiratory infections.’’
Elish O’Reagan, Irish Independent, April 2015

With much talk of the increased costs of heating your home through gas, oil and electricity, we look at alternative ways on how you can keep yourself warm, safe and healthy for the winter.

  1. Wrap up warm: It’s easier & faster to warm your own body before warming your home. Wearing the right clothing can help with this, especially when leaving the house. Gloves, hats & scarves are essential.
  2. Layering: Instead of wearing one heavy jumper, try wearing a few different layers as it is a great way to insulate your body. Base layers are hugely important, we suggest long underwear and thick woolen socks. Layering can also apply to your bedding, keep thin, dense blankets at the top.
  3. Insulation: Not everyone can afford to fully insulate their homes, but there are government grants that can assist with this, but in the meantime try using thick curtains, keep them drawn to retain the heat. Draught excluders placed at the bottom of doorways can also help retain heat.
  4. Warm Drinks: Consuming hot or warm drinks can help heat up your body, there’s nothing better than a cup of tea or hot chocolate to warm the bones and keep you feeling cosy. A hot brandy or whiskey might sound like a good idea, but alcohol can actually lower your core body temperature, so might be best to stay away from the booze.
  5. Keep Active: Staying active can help with blood circulation and it is always a good way to warm yourself up. Go for a walk, get on the exercise bike or try doing yoga, all great ways to keep active and get the blood moving.
  6. Useful Tools: Use the tools you know that work. Hot water bottles or electric blankets are two that we would recommend. But please don’t use these together!!
  7. Be Prepared: Keep an eye on weather warnings and the news. Knowing what’s in store can give you time to prepare and gather what’s needed.

We hope these tips help and if you have any suggestions for us then leave a comment on our facebook page.

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