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Increase Of Stroke In Younger People

April 18, 2016

Increase Of Stroke In Younger People

A new report from The Irish Heart Foundation has revealed that 1 in 4 strokes occur in people under the age of 65. This figure has risen from the 1 in 5 that was last recorded in 2009 – the equivalent of over 300 extra strokes among people of working age in Ireland every year.

The research showed that 40% of people suffering from a stroke were smokers. More women die from strokes across all groups, the figures show that men account for almost three-quarters of strokes across the younger age categories.

The report doesn’t reveal what has caused the increase, however it is believed to be due to unhealthy life-styles.

“Whilst the reasons behind this increase have not yet been fully established and may be complex, it is clear that preventable risk factors such as smoking and high blood pressure are significant contributors,” said Dr Paul McElwaine.

IHF Head of Advocacy, Chris Macey revealed that strokes are no longer a disease for older people. “People of working age are now accounting for one in four of all strokes and the rate is growing rapidly in spite of Ireland’s ageing population.’’

There are however, more people than ever surviving stroke and returning home, so community health and social care services need to be developed to help younger stroke sufferers as they may be living for decades with disabilities caused by stroke. One way to do this is to increase Early Supported Discharge programmes, which allow stroke survivors to be discharged quicker and receive intensive therapies in their own homes. However, only 10% of Irish stroke survivors were able to avail of these ESD programmes compared to 30% in the UK.

It is believed that more stroke prevention campaigns may reduce the number of strokes in Ireland, especially if they are targeted at young and middle aged men.

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