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Getting over the January Blues

January 12, 2016

Getting over the January Blues

January can always be a long and difficult month for most people. Coming down from the Christmas high, starting back at work or college and it’s usually cold, very cold.

But what can you do to make things better?

Most people have started their new-year resolutions and often these are made out of guilt and can be pretty vague. Whether it’s losing weight, saving money, giving up chocolate or deciding to spend more time with friends and family, whatever it is, start it and stick with it. Resolutions are made to be broken, we all make plans that don’t work out or fall through, try not making this a resolution but an actual part of your daily or weekly routine.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Make it realistic and manageable, something you know is possible, because if you start doing it and it goes well, it will make you feel better and you’ll continue doing it, which makes it easier.

Here are our top 5 tips to beat the January slump.

Tip 1 – Exercise

It’s such a cliché at this point, but if you’re planning on getting into shape this year, just do it. It is hugely important, we all over indulge over the Christmas period, which can make us feel slow and sluggish at the start of a new year, but it’s incredible what exercise can do for both your physical & mental health. If it is going to the gym, try going at the same time each week until it becomes routine and you end up going every week instinctively. If the gym isn’t your thing then go walking, swimming or take up a class such as TRX (Total Resistance Exercise), Spin or Boxercise.

Alternatively, there are tons of exercise videos on YouTube, so go buy yourself a yoga mat and work out in your own living room.

Tip 2 – Book a holiday

It doesn’t have to be for right away, but booking some time away in the sun can really give you something to look forward to. The anticipation of something like a holiday can get you excited, which can actually release ‘’feel-good’’ endorphin’s in your brain.

Tip 3 – Identify your worries

Try to identify everything that’s making you sad or anxious, make a list if you need to, it will probably help to see it in writing. Whether it’s something that’s affecting you at the moment or if it’s something your dreading in the future, don’t sweat over it. Think about solutions for the problem and talk to a friend about it, they might just give you the advice you need.

Tip 4 – Be Sociable

Sometimes being tucked up warm and cosy in your own home is the best thing in the world, especially in the winter, but being cut off from friends or family or not being part of a good social group can be really bad for your mental health.

Go out for a coffee or a meal with good friends, meet with people after work or at weekends.

Tip 5 – Try something new

It might be taking up a new hobby or joining an activity group. You could do something by yourself or you could throw ideas around with your friends, if there’s something you want to achieve, think about the path you need to take and start it.

Some of these tasks aren’t easy and can be daunting, but nothing’s going to change unless you make the changes yourself!

If you have any ideas on how to beat the January blues, then please let us know what works for you by sending us a message or comment on this post.

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